Growing up in the Air Force

February 7, 2012  |  Ongoing Story

Growing up in the AirforceLife Growing Up In the Air Force

From the year I was born until 1970, our family moved seven times. From Sacramento, California to Tucson, Arizona . To Alexandria, Louisiana. To Clovis, New Mexico. To Sumter, South Carolina. To Washington DC, Maryland. (Off base for eight months, then onto Andrews Air Force Base)  Lastly, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Whew!

You’d think I’d be used to change. In August of 1970, we crossed the US border and headed north to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I quickly made friends. Formed Lincoln Junior High’s first cheerleading squad, along with my best friend, another American girl. We integrated ourselves into a core group of eighth graders. We were inseparable. My sister, Anne, and brother Levis did the same thing.

It amazed me when I asked my new friends what other places they’d lived in. Everyone, except Kim, whose father was in the oil business, and whose family transferred from Utah, said they’d never lived anywhere else. Born and raised in Winnipeg. I think that’s why she and I became instant best friends. We still are. We shared a bond. A unique life of moving. Saying good-bye to friends. Creating new ones. Saying good-bye again.

Growing up in the Air Force meant change. Whether you were ready or not. It gives you strength. Backbone.

Looking back on it now, Mark spent years grooming me. Preparing me for the biggest change of my life. And when he came out to me that day, I felt I wasn’t ready. But I was more ready than I realized, having grown up in the Air Force.

C K Murray

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