How Devan Met My Mom : His Story

February 7, 2012  |  Ongoing Story

DevenIn 1953 there was an Aviation Cadet known as Devan Boone, who was finishing His Fighter Pilot Training at Williams AFB Arizona. While on open post one weekend in Tucson Ariz. and visiting his parents, his father ask him if he would like to meet a good looking girl. Now what fighter pilot in his right mind would say ” no”???? Anyway the following weekend Devan met the good looking girl named ” Laverne’.??? From then on every weekend he could get off He spent in Tucson taking Laverne to all kinds of places, sometimes even to ” A ‘ Mountain to LOOK at the Stars???
After Williams came Combat Crew Training at Luke AFB just outside Phoenix and a little further to Tucson but only added about 30 mins. to the trip. Again every weekend for 21/2 months many good times were had. Devan graduated from Luke and was Stationed at Langley AFB Va. which made the weekend trip 2000 miles farther, but, were there is a will there is a WAY…Thanks to an airplane called the T-33 jet trainer and weekend cross countries Devan was in the courting business again. And, yes it was off to Tucson. This continued until about July 1954 when Devan was sent to Instrument Flying school at Dennison Tex. for about 8 weeks. While in route to the school Devan really got brave and called Laverne and said ” How about you and Me Getting Married when I finish this school in the end of Aug. ” She said “yes” and I said “Great”. So we planned the wedding in Springfield Mo. for 3 Sept.1954, and after we were married we proceeded to Langley AFB where we rented our first apt. 154 Westover Dr. Hampton Va.
We lived there until Nov 1955 when Devan was sent to a/c Maint. Officers school, at Chunte AFB Ill. for 9 months. Upon completion of the school he was reassigned to McClellan AFB Calif. where in Feb.1956 sister Anne was born, to be followed by Carol, in Nov 1957. In Nov. 1959 Capt. Boone was reassigned to Korea for 1 year and Laverne and the girls moved to Tucson until Devan returned to the States in Jan.1960. Where upon they moved to England AFB La. and in Dec 1960 son Levis was on the scene. Next a Visit for 1963-1965 Cannon AFB NM. Then to Shaw AFB SC. when in 1966 Devan was reassigned to Viet Nam for 1 year but do to some previous time TDY in Thailand he was home in 9 months. Then there was 4 years in Washington DC at Andrews AFB and then off to Winnipeg Man. And I think you know the REST Of The Story…>???

Hope this helps you out.. Dad

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