I’m Laughing Crying and Everything In Between

February 7, 2012  |  Book Reviews

Jan 17th, 2012, 9:22pm:

Oh Carol! I can’t put it down! So very, very good!!


I’m on chapter 3 and am already crying. Seriously good. I am so so proud of you dear friend.


I’m going to read this whole book tonight. Xo


I’m laughing crying and everything in between. Incredible!


‘I thought you and dad were going to tell us we were getting a puppy’ just put me over the edge.

This is so well written…ok, going back to the book

Page 81. Going to bed now as my eyes are heavy. Can barely break away from the book!

Jan 18th, 8:13pm:

I just read the part where Kaitlin kissed you, I’ll never forget that! What a hard night that must have been for you.


You are the greatest mother ever.

Jan 21st, 9:10am:

I finished it just now. So proud of you for writing it. Wow, what a journey.

Paige Romansky

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