Laverne’s Version of How She Met My Dad

February 7, 2012  |  Ongoing Story

How My Mom Laverne Met My Dad: Her Story

Laverne I met your Dad in 1952 in Tucson, Arizona while working at Sear’s in the Auditing dept. and going to school at night which really kept me too busy to think about guys.  After my Father passed away in October, I really felt a little displaced.  At that time I became friends with Granddad, (Ivyl) who also worked at Sear’s.  We always had a fun time doing skits and dancing soft shoe routines in Sears’ vaudeville type shows given for employees.  He invited me to have dinner with he and Anna and mentioned that his son Devan would be home for the weekend from Luke AFB in Arizona.  I told them that I didn’t think they had a son old enough for me to be interested in.  After a very nice Dinner and meeting your Dad, I was asked out the next day and the next weekend etc. Something was definitely happening.

I was serious about someone else and so was your Dad but we seemed to enjoy each others company!  He would fly down from Williams AFB where he was going through Fighter Training and waggle his wings to let me know he was in town.  So much for the boyfriend in Chicago!  He graduated from Willy and transferred to Langley AFB in Virginia.  He kept flying in to Tucson and I kept seeing him…To make this even better…one day a delivery man arrived at my office with a package and yes..there was the ring and the rest is history. 50 years; three great children; five grandchildren; many friends and many places to live and it’s still FUN.

That’s how it all started .  Love you  MOM

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