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February 19, 2012  |  Book Reviews

Carol K Murray with Son CurtisAfter reading my mom’s book I can honestly say I was surprised and blown away for many different reasons and on many different levels.  First off the skill she has in writing and depicting various stories was absolutely amazing.  Being able to describe in such detail, events that happened 25 to 30 years ago was unbelievable.  The way she used certain metaphors to describe various emotions, situations, etc. was exceptional.  I always knew my mom was a very smart and talented woman, but I wasn’t expecting the writing skills to be of that high-level caliber.

With regards to the story, for me it was very hard to remember a lot of the events in this book, as I was so young. A lot of it was a memory jogger for me.  Also, it was difficult to read much of it, because I had no idea at the time what my mom was going through. She concealed it very well.  If I had known, I would’ve been there for her a lot more (at least as much as I could’ve been at that age). When you’re that young, you’re still learning so much about life and I guess I was just so focused on being a kid.

The day my dad came out to us, I wasn’t as fazed by it as I would’ve been if it had happened today. I didn’t really know what being ‘gay’ was back then.  To me, he was still my dad, he hadn’t changed towards us, and most importantly, he and my mom still loved each other very much.

What was more difficult for me was our 2nd family meeting when my dad said that he was moving out. Up until then, nothing had changed. And now they would, and it hurt.

Throughout reading the story and all the hardships and pain that my mom went through, I remember saying to myself, ‘When’s Carter going to come and save the day?’

There were times I just wanted to skip the chapters until he was introduced, but had to restrain myself. I’ve always really liked Carter, but after reading how he came and basically pulled my mom out of the darkness, and finally gave her that part of her life back, gives me a new appreciation for him.

Reading this story and being able to be inside my mom’s head has given me admiration for her, my dad, their journey, and the special love they share.

Now at age twenty-three, as I read all these stories and events from my family’s past, my parents’ situation, and everything that happened, I realize theirs is a rare type of relationship that I know not very many families go through.

I believe this book will do very well because it’s a fascinating story that’s unique and told so well.  I am proud of my mom and how she was able to put all her thoughts to paper and express herself. I know it was very therapeutic for her as well.  Everyone who reads this, whether you know her or not, will be blown away by the story, and will take away life lessons.


I love you Mom, Congratulations!

Curtis Murray

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