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February 19, 2012  |  Book Reviews, Ongoing Story

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  1. I really am looking forward to reading your comments. If you are ELLEN by any chance, leave your phone number.I will call you back collect. 🙂

  2. Karen Webster Gutwein

    As I said Carol;no one can say you’ve led a boring life. It’s a good thing I saw you last summer so I was prepared for your book. Applause…good job on telling your story for others to learn from.
    Your book took me back to things I thought I had forgotten. It made me smile to remember young love. Everyone thinks when they say “I do” that their fairy tale will never end.I truly had to chuckle at some of your dating experiences. Anyone who’s experienced the over 40 dating scene can relate. The experiences are rather humorous in hindsight, if not so at the time.
    I commend you for putting your family first and holding it together where others might have fallen apart. It has paid off with a loving,respectful extended family and finding your prince.

  3. A truly remarkable story. Poignant. Funny. Extraordinary. A page-turner, if there ever was one. A book that is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful, and inspirational. This story will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

    I can’t recommend this book highly enough.


  4. Dear Carol,

    I obtained my book from you on March 1st, 2012, and read half of the book that same day. I was glued to it. By Sunday evening, I had read it all. It brought tears to my eyes. Some tears happiness, some envy, and also some of sadness!

    Since reading your book, I have a better understanding of the strong and courageous Carol, the lady, the author and the friend that I am truly proud and privileged to know. It was a fun book, as well as real life drama; some say life is tough, but you are tougher!! The book is on route to Seattle with my friends, with a solemn promise to return it to me.

    A feeling of joy is how I describe the ending, not just for you but all of the people (Well almost all!!)

    Thank-you from my heart.

    Your family is a one to behold. Loving and understanding. From my own experiences, kind, warm, and supportive, and throughout the book, that message is a constant.

    With love & appreciation for a great piece of work.


    • Dear Colin,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. The fact that it touched you so deeply means the world to me as a writer, and as as friend.
      Thank you for your heartfelt comments about my story, our family, and me.
      Hugs to you,

    • Well don’t stop now! get back to the keyboard.


  5. Carol!

    This morning I finished reading the book and I had to write
    to tell you how impressed I am. It’s truly moving.

    You’re a real survivor. By the end I was teary-eyed with appreciation for your courage in maintaining such a strong
    relationship with Mark and happiness for your lovely bond
    with Carter. What a catch Carter is!

    I’m so happy for you! I hope we can connect again sometime …

    Take care,

    • Hi Kali,
      Wow! Reading that my story impressed you, moved you, AND brought tears of joy! I couldn’t have asked for more heartfelt comments.
      Thank you.
      Oh, and yes…Carter IS a great catch!
      Hugs to you,

  6. Dear Carol,

    Thank you for sharing the unique circumstances of your personal family life. It was courageous of you to pour out your heart and soul for all to read. I found it so fascinating that I read your novel from cover to cover in one sitting. I also enjoyed how you moved back and forth between past and present. I found this technique refreshing and, surprisingly, it allowed your story to unfold easily for me.


    Linda M.

  7. Hi Carol,,,,I have known you for many years..I have listened to your advise about life and used your wisdom all the time. You are a person one can open up to ….your caring soul and concern for all comes deep from your heart…Once your book was finished I could wait to get my hands on it!!!! I remember the day you dropped by the salon and had the book in your hand…Looking at you brought tears to my eyes…I am so proud of you!!!! Once I started reading I couldnt stop…I love the way you write and express your feelings…You are a person who the world needs to meet!!! You are a survivor…I look up to you…I truly recommend all to read your book…Your a princess …Thank you for all your advise “all these years”…… xoxoxox

  8. Trudi-Ann Appleton

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I haven’t read it yet it planning to buy the book today. I watched you on Global News and your gracefulness impressed me.

    Like you, my husband came out to me 6yrs ago. I knew something was wrong for many years but my queries didn’t get answers. I know now that he had a journey of acceptance to go through before he could include me. I loved him then and still do. I consider myself one of his biggest supporters, I just wish he would let me in.

    We have four wonderful children who have grown up not knowing (or remembering) any other version of our family. The oldest was 9 when we had our first family meeting on the subject so the kids couldn’t understand.

    Anyhow, I understand the therapeutic effect of writing. I journalized my journey too. Kudos to you for making yours public. Also, you give me hope that I will find love again.


    • Hi Trudi-Ann, Wow…thank you so much for sharing your story with me. When I receive letters like yours, it validates my decision to make my story public, and I’ll continue sharing it as long as people want to hear it. Writing my story was therapeutic, but difficult at the same time. My quest is to be invited onto The Ellen Degeneres Show. I know she and her viewers will appreciate, and learn from my experiences. I wish you the best of luck, and if you want to talk more about your journey finding love again, please contact me. Hugs, Carol

  9. Kathy O'Connell

    I just finished your book it was very courageous for you to put all your feelings out there. I can relate to your reactions regarding secrets. I was married for 45 years and found out my husband had a secret life and a different name. I guess death divorce, or deceit all bring out the same reactions.

    • Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for your comments and for sharing your story with me. You’re right about death, divorce or deceit all bringing out the same reactions. Best wishes to you. Carol

  10. Hi Carol

    I have just finished reading “All These Years” and found it riveting from the beginning to the end – I am just so sorry I have no more pages to read.

    A unique and very well written story. Intriguing and interesting characters that you meet on your journey and so glad it is a happy ending and that all partners get on so well. You should be very proud of all your hard work in keeping your family intact and happy.

    I too liked the way the chapters went from past to present, it was very well done and it kept my interest throughout.

    Wishing you lots of success and happiness and hope you reach all your goals in life.

    Love Sally xxxx

  11. "yndsey Jackson

    Nice work Carol! It was such an enjoyable read. I admire the way that you and your family dealt with such an uncontrollable situation. It’s very rare, and extremely refreshing.

    Your unwavering honesty throughout the story makes the book very appealing. I recommend it to everyone…especially Ellen!!

    Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

    • It has been two days since I saw you at the afternoon party on Burrard Street and I have just finished your book. Having known you and your family for many years, I was overwhelmed with how honest and compassionately you told the story. It was indeed heart warming and it brought tears to my eyes
      several times. Thank-you for filling in many things that I was unaware of. All the best in your future endevours and your upcoming marriage.

      • Hi Daryl,
        It was so lovely to see you at the afternoon party. And nice to catch up. Thank you for your heartfelt comments about All These Years. I wanted to be honest about how we dealt with Mark’s sexuality, and for me, I continue to have the utmost compassion and love for him…as do our boys.
        It’s an amazing feeling to touch the people who read my story in such profound ways. By everyone sharing it with someone they know, will assist me with my quest to do just that!
        Take care,
        Hugs, Carol xoxo

  12. I feel very blessed to have received your book as a gift on Christmas Eve. 6 days later I had finished the last page with tears in my eyes. Your humble and vulnerable honesty made your story so emotionally and spiritually charged. What I admire most about you Carol, is your incredible strength to relive those moments in your life by writing this book. I applaud you on your devotion to your family and to your own journey of discovering love and happiness.

    I am lucky to know one of your sons very well.
    Its lovely to know where his kind heart, optimistic spirit, and generous soul have come from.
    How wonderful it is for your boys to have a strong female role model as a mother!

    You are an inspiration to many and an example of resilience,compassion,and love.

    I hope to give you a big hug one day!

    • Thank you so much Chantelle for your heartfelt comments about the book, as well as my son. I would love a hug some day!
      So, for now…Hugs to you,

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