A Must Read For Anyone Needing Inspiration!

March 6, 2012  |  Ongoing Story

Carol’s book is a very intimate look at a family dealing with life changing events. Carol’s life as she knew it was over, and not by her or Mark’s choice. What I mean by that is, Mark didn’t choose to be gay. Carol selflessly put her family first.  While pursuing a new life, Carol built her confidence and self esteem. It took courage and a sense of humour to go on all those dates!

Fast forward to present day: attendees at their family gatherings: Mark and his partner, Carol and Carter, Mark and Carol’s sons, Cameron and Curtis, and often Mark’s mom and step-dad, along with Carter’s two sons. Incredible.

Reading Carol’s private struggles is heart wrenching. A must read for anyone needing inspiration. Especially for anyone who has a gay/lesbian family member or friend. .. Who doesn’t??


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