Just Finished Your Book! What A Wonderful Gift!!

April 10, 2012  |  Book Reviews, Ongoing Story

I just finished reading your book.  What a wonderful gift!! Easy to read and entertaining, while sharing a tremendously important message: We all have choice in how we face adversity!!  Life, and what it throws at us, isn’t going to change. It’s how we choose to relate to life’s curves that define us.

I simply couldn’t put it down!!  Some was familiarity. Some was relatedness. Some was inspiration. Some was empathy. And, all of it was perfect!!

Your journey is what you make it, and I believe you’ve chosen wisely and effectively.   You have more drive and talent in your little pinkie than most have in their entire body. Your willingness to share those gifts will positively affect many you come in contact with, as your journey continues.

I urge you to continue with velocity!!!  Share and share again!  You have a lot to give!

I will encourage my partner Sally, to read it, and give a different perspective.  I know she will.

Your giving is more important than you know, and I hope and pray that it will touch many!!

Bob Dowbiggin

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