All These Years, by Carol K Murray – Officially Launched In Winnipeg!

August 6, 2012  |  Ongoing Story

All These Years by Carol K Murray: Book LaunchAll These Years, by Carol K Murray – Officially Launched

Imagine this: Receiving a call from McNally Robinson Booksellers. Winnipeg’s largest independent book store. They’d agreed to add my book, All These Years, to their inventory of local authors. And wanted me to help organize the official book launch. I hung up the telephone, jumped up and down, grinning from ear to ear.

Now what? Reality set in. It was all happening quickly. I brainstormed about what my first book launch would look like. What would I say? What excerpts would I read peaking enough interest in my story that would send everyone rushing to buy one? Should it be serious? Funny? Whose testimonial would I talk about? Would anyone show up? I felt that all too familiar pit in my stomach.

I contacted McNally’s events coordinator, and we got to work. I provided my bio and some pictures. John created posters, a blurb in their E-Newsletter, a banner ad for the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper, and an invitation. I e-mailed invites to everyone I knew. Created an event on Face Book. Tweeted to all of my followers, announcing my first book launch. I asked my friends to pass it along. Practiced my ‘welcome’ speech. Read and re-read the various parts of the book I’d chosen to share. I crossed my fingers. My mom, dad, and sister would be there, so I knew there’d be at least three in the audience.

We arrived early. I was excited. My hands shaking. There were people wandering around, holding my book. Some were already sitting in the rows of chairs, waiting. Some friends. Some strangers. All there to listen to me. How exhilarating! I took a deep breath. Let it out slowly. A sense of calm came over me. I’d already been interviewed on live television. Twice. Been interviewed on two radio shows. I was ready to share my story, and launch my book.

It was time. David, the store manager introduced me. I stood at the podium. All eyes on me. I took one more deep breath. Let it out slowly. Carter’s advice swirled through my head, ‘connect with your audience.’ I began. I remember glancing around the room, hearing laughter.  Seeing women wiping their faces with tissues. I ended showing my Help Me Tell Ellen Part 3 video. The crowd clapped. I gave out bookmarks, suggesting ways they could help me tell Ellen DeGeneres about my story. I signed books.

And just like that, it was over. A huge success. Moments I’ll cherish forever.

The following week, I received an e-mail from McNally Robinson Booksellers telling me that my book was the third highest selling title that week at McNally’s!

Imagine that!

Carol K Murray,

All These Years

Carol K Murray, reading from All These Years




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