Hi Ellen DeGeneres! And Ellen’s Awesome Crew!

September 13, 2012  |  Ongoing Story

I Know Your Other Viewers Would Love Hearing Carol K Murray’s Inspirational Story!!!


Hi Ellen and Ellen’s Awesome Crew!

I watch your show pretty much every day at 4:00pm, after I’ve gone hiking. You never fail to make me laugh, cry, then laugh again. Thank you!

Today’s hike turned out to be unique. Bella (my dog) began to play with a puppy named Vito. The owner of the other dog and I got to talking, as proud dog owners do. She told me an amazing story.

She mentioned that she had just written a book titled “All These Years”. When I inquired further, she told me that she tells the true story of discovering that her husband and soul mate of 30 years was gay, and of how they explained to their two nearly teen-aged boys the changes that had to take place within their family.

Upon reading more into her book, and talking to her about her boys, and her remarkable relationship with her ex-husband, I’m blown away by the grace and strength with which the entire family faced what could have turned into a very adverse situation.

I think it’s important that people with stories like hers, that progress (because it’s not over yet)  have to be shared with the world!

She and her entire family are brave and are heroes in my eyes, especially during these times when bullying and social slurring is so sensitive an issue.

Her charisma, and glowing optimism caught my attention as soon as we began talking today, and I immediately thought of you.

Her name is Carol K. Murray, and I know your viewers would love hearing her inspirational story as much as I did.

Ellen, you are one of a kind, thnx 4 being u!




Carol K Murray & #HelpmetellEllen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOFhPEz9-IA

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