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To: Ms. Ellen Degeneres

Dear Ellen,

If you’re reading this letter, then the first part of my dream has come true. I somehow got close enough to you during the ‘Power of Women’ Seminar, at Roger’s Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, to present you with a sample of my story. Thirteen years ago, my husband found the strength to tell me he was gay. We had been together since high school, and married for eighteen years. The last ten years were spent celibate.

Our story is about love, devotion, courage, and friendship. It’s about facing adversity. Raising two happy, healthy children, who have grown up to be amazing young men. They love and respect their father. They’ve been encouraged and taught to be true to themselves. It’s about a bond spanning a lifetime, which can never be broken.

Ellen, you’ll get this story. Not because you’re gay. Or maybe because you are, and have faced adversity with your journey through life as a gay woman. We are real people, with a story that needs to be shared with everyone. Gay or straight. Ours is unique because we vowed to educate our children to be open and honest with their feelings. I chose family unity, and put that first, while searching for love again.

Separating and moving on from the love of your life, your soul-mate, in itself is never easy. My ex-husband, Mark is gay. And that’s not his choice. My story shows how understanding that, is the first step moving forward to a new relationship. And preserving family harmony is so important to children.

Please invite me to your show to share with your viewers my remarkable journey.  This would make the second part of my dream come true!

Warmest regards and hugs,

Carol K Murray

North Vancouver, British Columbia